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Valentine's Day

February 11, 2017


There are few times in a year when special dinner preparations are in order: birthdays and anniversaries being such occasions. But let us not forget that hallmark holiday for the lovers - Valentine’s Day. For some it may be just another day, while for others it’s the Super Bowl of romantic gestures. Whether it's flowers, a card, dinner, or a ring, Casanovas are sure to share their endearments in their own special way. At Rooted Pear we can think of no better way to the heart than through the tummy! A 3-course dinner may sound like it’s out of your league but we’ve got a few tricks up our sleeve to make this a delicious and easy execution for the WIN!


Salad is a no-brainer and a great way to open up your palate as a first course. With pre-washed lettuce, all you need to tackle is the dressing and you’ve nailed your first course. Caesar is a favorite at Rooted Pear; it’s flavorful, rich in texture, and who doesn’t like anchovies!?


Our second course of fried oysters adds a touch of class to the night. Crunchy, briny, and with just a pinch of horseradish, it’s sure to please the taste buds!


For our main course, Risotto Provencal. Sounds fancy, we know, but it’s quite simple. Although risotto takes a bit more cooking time than a typical pasta, its creamy consistency is well worth the wait. With a quick sauté of some colorful veggies, tossed with a few capers and olives to add some zing, our risotto is ready to impress.


As for dessert, let’s just say we’ll leave the sweet stuff to you! Happy Valentine’s Day!

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