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Kitchen to Kitchen in Montclair, NJ

June 17, 2017


This year it has seemed like summer took its time to get here. Sure, we’ve had our nice days, but it hasn’t truly felt like it was time to kickstart the AC yet, or officially retire all of my cold weather clothing. But with hot summer breezes finally here, and 90 degree weather about to become the norm, it becomes more difficult to stand over a hot stove. Now, Lynn and I really wanted to create a delicious meal to celebrate Father’s Day, and it’s so fortunate that our dads love nothing better than grilling and eating outdoors. So, we happily set up shop outside, and got to cooking. First up, of course, is the star of the meal – flank steak that we rubbed generously with a mixture of cayenne, lemon pepper, old bay, garlic, and paprika. We threw it on the grill, and cooked it to a delicious med-rare where the steak is wonderfully juicy and pink when you cut into it, and yet charred and dark on the outside.


Since we had a minor mishap with the grill that resulted in a few singed hairs, we were glad to move on to the second part of the meal: a sugar snap pea salad that is so delicious, light, and refreshing that it comes dangerously close to stealing the spotlight from the steak. We combined the sugar snap peas with snow peas, cucumber, and mint; then, a light toss with lemon and olive oil. And to offset the sweetness and juiciness of this medley, we topped off the salad with some shaved pecorino that gives just the right counterbalance of saltiness and nuttiness.


And finally, a refreshing, slightly spicy margarita to go with the meal was in order. We took silver tequila, blood orange syrup, fresh lime juice, and sliced jalapenos, and shook them with diced cucumbers. To give a slightly more savory finish to the cocktail, we added smoked sea salt to the rim.


So, this is a meal to celebrate dad for all those times that he helped with my homework, taught me how to throw a fishing line, cooked a meal, or got rid of the spider in my room. Happy Father’s Day!

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