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Bloody Marys for New Year's

December 28, 2017


Christmas has come and gone all too quickly, but that just means that we can focus all of our attention towards the next holiday: New Year’s! With the end of 2017 looming before us, it seems only natural to look back on the year and to see how far we’ve come. At the beginning of this year, Rooted Pear was just a fledgling company dreamed up by two good friends. We had already done our fair share of work to get it off the ground, but we kicked off our launch in January. Fast forward to the end of this year, and we can honestly say that it’s been a whirlwind! From planning business launches, to birthdays, to holiday get-togethers, we’ve put in a lot of work to make these moments memorable for our clients; and our time spent manning our booth at the farmer’s market let us meet so many wonderful people in the community. Yes, 2017 has been a successful one for us, and we can only look with anticipation at what 2018 will bring!


And now as I give myself a mental shake out of this wistful pensive mood that this time of year seems to bring out in me, I can officially start preparing for New Year’s Eve celebrations! Naturally, it’s going be a great party with lots of fanfare and champagne flowing, but we can’t forget about the morning of New Year’s Day. After all that champagne, we have to plan for a hearty brunch accompanied with a healthy dose of hair of the dog in the form of none other than the ever-popular Bloody Mary. Now we’ve debated quite a bit about the proper way to make a Bloody Mary, and we’ve concluded that the best part of this classic cocktail is you can go as simple or as fancy as you like! For the quick version, just use what you might already have in your fridge: a little tomato juice, cocktail sauce, and vodka. Hit it with a dash of Tabasco, grab a stick of celery for your garnish, and you’ve got yourself a pretty satisfying drink. With a little planning, however, you can take this recipe to the next level. Try infusing that vodka with some delicious olives, or perhaps even some pickles to bring out that briny flavor. With freshly-grated horseradish, minced chilies, steak sauce, and celery salt, you can really enjoy a whole medley of flavors. And finally, bringing the A-game o the garnishes, you can pickle a slew of vegetables for a couple of days, and plop those on there too.


Cheers to a happy, healthy, and successful 2018 to everybody!


Poor Man’s Bloody Mary

2 oz vodka

Couple dashes of Tabasco

1 tspn cocktail sauce

Top off with tomato juice



Celery garnish optional


Bloody Mary with a Kick!

2 oz vodka infused with pickles at least 24 hours

1-2 tspn minced chilies (depending on how hot you like it)

1-2 tspn freshly grated horseradish

Pinch of celery salt

Worcestshire sauce

½ oz fresh lemon juice

Top off with your own homemade tomato juice

Garnish: pickle some veggies like carrots, green beans, okra, etc

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